When you battle against the clowns of Ollie Lumber’s Circus, you may take the following move upon level up:


When you announce your or someone else’s presence in a flamboyant manner, roll +CHA. On a 10+, you gather an interested audience of onlookers and the person announced gets +1 Forward. 7-9, someone else steals part of your thunder!

Once you have Ringmaster, you can take the following moves upon leveling up:

Barrel of Laughs

When you distract the enemy with some slapstick, roll +DEX. On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose one:

  • You create an opening, you or an ally take +1 Forward against an enemy
  • Deal 1D6 damage as your slapstick takes a violent turn
  • You don't get in melee with the enemy
  • The enemy can't act for a moment as they're doubled over with laughter, confusion, or rage.

Liontamer Edit

When you ride a monster, you can tame it , at least for a time! ! Roll +STR. On a 10+, the monster will follow you docilely while you maintain its trust. . On a 7-9 the monster will tolerate you for now, but will look for opportunities to turn the tables. On a miss, you have to face the monster’s wrath! You may only have 1 Monster Follower at a time, as they get jealous…

Magic Hat Edit

When you conjure an item, hand-sized and neither unique nor extremely valuable, roll+INT. On a 10+, it appears in your hand or on your person somewhere. On a 7-9, it’s not quite what you had in mind, but vaguely similar. On a miss, what you conjure up is the opposite of useful.

Honorary Carnie is a Greybark Compendium Class.