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You stand in the Village of Greybark, in the shadows of the massive living-metal Greybark Forest. Edit

Behind you lies the long road back to the Point of Ironcurl, a bustling seaport and the only connection between you and the kingdom of humankind. Prosperous stability, peace, and quiet can be found across that ocean… for those that seek it.

Far to the east, the Elven dynasties wage unending civil wars. Millennia of bloodshed leave them each on the brink of collapse, and they secure their borders and affairs against the eyes of outsiders. An elf could join their ancestors in the unending Flower Wars there, in the burning embers of their once glorious race.

The Dwarves dwell in the mountains far to the south, beyond the lowlands. Devastated by a war with the orcs an age ago, they have become insular and reclusive, leaving their mountains only to pay homage to their lost kin.

You however, for whatever reason, abandoned your home, your people, your…comfort. The Wilds lay around you waiting to be explored and tamed. The last town in the Empire, the VIllage of Greybark , consists of a handful of buildings thrown together to support a recently booming lumber industry. The warm glow of a hearth greets you as night closes in. You are safe at this hearth. But the shadows promise adventure….

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What is Greybark Adventurers' League?Edit

A world of adventure awaits you! We're working together to create an expanding and collective world through evolving sessions of Dungeon World!

The Greybark Campaign has developed a few specific rules above and beyond normal Dungeon World to help support our living campaign: