Gnasher, The Upstart Devious. Intelligent, Large
Blazing Spear (b[2d10] + 1 damage armor piercing 1)
Close, Reach
16 HP 2 Armor
Frost Javelins (b[2d10] + 1 damage armor piercing 1)

Oddly charismatic for an Orc. Gnasher was an adventurer. Spent time among the dwarves, the elves, the humans. Listened more than he roared. Watched more than he demonstrated. Learned. Now it is time to teach.  No that Guhrzul has been killed, Gnasher seeks to take control of the tribes long enough to teach them to build rather than destroy, to settle rather than rampage. But he must not appear too weak, or too strong, while competing forces work to win the tribes for their own purposes.....

Special Qualities: Travelled, Polyglot

Instinct: To free the orcs from oppression


  • Strike a Deal
  • Call on Friends
  • Give a Cunning Order

Custom Moves:

Treasure: b[2d10]+1; Gnasher carries tokens from his travels, and information about orc tribes, locations, resources, and alliances.

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