Looted from Wicked Fairies.

Fairy Wand - use the wand, roll +INT, random effect happens to the item/person (bare skin) it touches:

1-10 metal, useful

11-20 plant, pretty

21-30 feathery, fabulous

31-40 candy, sweet and sticky

41-50 paper/origami

51-60 ice, will melt in heat but looks pretty epic

61-70 crayons, for drawing

71-80 singing, makes music

81-90 furry, cute

91-94 frilly, sprouts little pink bows and lace

95 banana

96 magical banana that functions as a gun for one attack

97 an elemental tag, roll 1d4: 1 -water, 2 -fire, 3- earth, 4 -air

98 diamond, adds 3d6x100 to the item's selling price

99 talking and intelligent

100 something extremely useful to the situation (basically adventuring gear)

Has two charges, after which it becomes just a stick with a glittery star at the top. Looks like a kid's crafting product. On living creatures, the fairy wand makes the person have an effect like their magic turns candy-themed or their voice turns singsong, but the effect fades away in about a week. On items, it is more permanent; enjoy your new flower sword and talking shield!

On a miss, the effect happens to the caster as the Fairy Wand goes BOOM in their face!