Summary Edit

She-Who-Walks-the-Cold-HallsShe-Who-Welcomes-Us-Home. An elven deity associated with death. A grim reaper aspect, she guides the lost souls to rest. When she shows herself to people, it is usually in the form of a dead mirror of the person she is communicating with.

Zachris Edit

Zachris is Elondra's husband. Not much is known of him. He has three champions in Greybark: Salzherz, Hosvir and Hubert.

Champion Edit

Elondra's Champion used to be Mary, the high priestess. She died on Saint's Night, and soon after Elondra chose a new Champion, a twelve-year-old street rat from Ironcurl, Vilma. Elondra's Champion is chosen through three trials, the most important one being the trial of death.

Besides her Champion, Elondra has a saviour - an Adventurer by the name of Hermes, who sacrificed himself on the Saint's Night to kill the Saint.

Other Gods Edit

The Scarlet Mistress and Elondra know of each other and do not get along.

In the Cult of Lumotar, Elondra is seen as Lumotar's younger sister, who brings dead souls to Lumotar's heavenly court to be judged.