At the beginning of a session, adventurers can choose to have done something in town for a bonus during the session. These actions/bonuses are unlocked via Town Improvements. As new ones are unlocked, they will be added here. In addition, if you have a cottage, house or mansion in Greybark, then you can get one bonus from your amenities, according to where you've spent your time.

Actions Edit

Gamble at the Casino (Inside Tip) Edit

When you've played at the casino, take +1 to your roll once per session.Also, roll+CHA, and decide whether or not you cheat. You could earn money!

Pray at the Church (Prayers) Edit

You get one Divine Intervention during the session, upgrade one roll from 6- to 7-9 or 7-9 to 10+.

Get a Health Potion (Free Sample) Edit

One player can get a free health potion at the start of the adventure

Goat Cheese Rations (Justicar the Goat) Edit

You can buy a wheel of Goat Cheese from the Community Centre once per session (2 coin)