Compendium Classes are offered to supplement normal Playbook advances, and are unlocked when a character has a specific, triggering event occur within the fiction of a Greybark session.

Below are the Greybark Compendium Classes currently in place.  Feel free to add your thoughts for additional classes or further moves for these!

Halloween 2015 - 'The Saint's Day' Compendium ClassesEdit

  • Dead of the Night - "When you die on the Saint’s Night..."
  • Drowned - "When you dance or swim with the Sinipiika..."
  • Honorary Carnie - "When you battle against the clowns of Ollie Lumber's Circus...."
  • Orchid Knight - "When you have stood beside the forces of Elondra to stop The Saint from escaping his bonds..."
  • Pumpkinhead - "When you have been seared by the Punkin Flames on The Saint's Day...."
  • Swarmlord - "When you are swarmed by Esmer’s Swarm of insects...."